Winnie Dotch-Jones: A Force for Good in Healthcare, Business, and Community

Winnie Dotch-Jones: A Force for Good in Healthcare, Business, and Community

by Javaughnae Malone March 04, 2024 424

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” – Anonymous

Winnie Dotch-Jones is a true multi-potential person. She currently works as a practice manager in a pediatric office, runs her own business, has served as a project manager, and always champions her community. She is so much more than the average go-getter. Winnie is a multi-talented, super-achieving force of nature who leaves her mark on everything she touches.

First, Let’s Talk Hustle

Winnie has almost 40 years of experience in healthcare administration, managing projects, and caring for children in Maryland. That’s dedication in its purest form. But Winnie doesn’t stop there. She became an entrepreneur in 2015 when her father left behind a legacy business wit his untimely passing, and she and her brother, Joe, inherited his barbershop, Dotch’s Barber & Styles, carrying on his legacy. Talk about diversifying your income streams! Her aunt, Mrs. Rosa Dotch of Enoch’s Hairstyle, is a silent but powerful force in Winnie’s journey. Winnie has a whole village behind her. She is a good listener and a diligent follower, emulating her business-savvy, successful aunt, leading her staff, and caring for and supporting her community with sophistication and style. Her actions speak louder than any words we could ever say.

Winnie’s About More Than Just the Bottom Line

She’s got a heart of gold, as evidenced by her deep commitment to education. Seeing the impact of illiteracy, Winnie is actively involved with Gilliard Elementary School, to help kids reach their full potential. She understands, as her mother, a true “spiritual mentor,” instilled in her the importance of keeping God first, staying grounded, and being focused on where you’re going. Her uncle Gary Dotch, the family archivist, serves as a listening ear, always providing sage advice on the importance of keeping the legacy alive, ensuring that treasured family values and stories carry forward into the future, taking responsibility for preserving the family’s history, traditions, and memories, connects the dots to the family’s ancestral past and keeps it current for future generations.

And If You Think That’s Enough, Think Again

Winnie’s a pillar of Vivian’s Door, an organization dedicated to helping Black-owned businesses grow, scale, and reinvest in their community. She’s not just a cheerleader; she’s a board member, a strategic advisor, a problem-solver, and a tireless advocate. Winnie says, “Knowledge is the key to success; giving business owners the tools they need to build their business, generate wealth, and create a legacy positively impacts our communities. Winnie is on a mission to help more people, “seeing Vivian’s Door as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the community.” But she doesn’t stop there. She wants more collaboration, resources, and access to funding for these businesses. She champions Vivian’s Door’s mission with the passion of a true believer, knowing that successful businesses are the heartbeat of thriving communities.

Winnie’s A True Inspiration

Winnie Dotch-Jones is more than an accomplished professional; she’s an inspiration. She’s a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and a genuine desire to make a difference. In a world that often celebrates a singular focus, Winnie reminds us that true impact comes from embracing the multifaceted, the driven, the unstoppable.

So, let’s raise a glass, give a standing ovation, and salute Winnie Dotch-Jones. Because this woman is leaving her mark, and it’s a mark that will inspire generations to come.

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