Be Healthy, Mind and Body Check

Life, as you know, doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Some days you wake up and feel the pull from different angles, and you wonder, “how do I get to handle everything that life throws at me?”

We must learn appropriate skills to manage our life while we run a successful business. And understand how to do so peacefully and as stressfree as possible.

Vivian’s Door has teamed up with 2 Mental Health experts Afiya K. Hooker MS, CMHC, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist and owner of Sunshine’s Haven Counseling Center, and Shannon Treadwell NCC, ALC, Therapist, and Owner of From Within, to bring you Mental Health Mondays.

Mental Health Mondays respond to the increasing stresses and pressure we are experiencing as we exit the pandemic and learn to adapt to our new normal. This program is a tribute to the importance of mental health wellness for everyone, specifically business owners, to help you learn how to clear your headspace. You’ll discover ways to live above the current American stress statistics.

We meet virtually on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm CST.
Clear your headspace with us.