Who would have thought that a Madame C.J. Walker watch party would have led us to “Urban Intellect,” the Vivian’s Door Book Club Initiative all about fun, knowledge, self-development, inspiration, and asset building?

Join us as we dive deep into the trenches of stories that resonate with our community. We have a lot of fun talking about what’s in the books that you help us select, and even more riveting are the amazing discussions with business experts in your community. Sit down with the author of the book for candid conversations, peeling the onion on how the book came about, bringing the stories to life, and revealing nuggets that make your love what you read.

Vivian's Door Book Club Urban Intellect Read Along

Color of Money

Our first book, “The Color of Money Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap,” and to join us as a partner in presenting The Color of Money, a seven-week star-studded series of discussions. The Color of Money. Pursues the persistence of the racial wealth gap by focusing on the generators of wealth in the black community: black banks. Studying these institutions over time, Mehrsa Baradaran challenges the long- standing notion that black banking and community self-help solve the racial wealth gap. These initiatives have functioned as a potent political decoy to avoid more fundamental reforms and racial redress. Examining the fruits of past policies and the operation of banking in a segregated economy, she clarifies that only bolder, more realistic views of banking’s relationship to black communities will end the cycle of poverty and promote black wealth.

This book was one for the records, an inspiring read chocked full of history and true to our mission and vision of helping black businesses grow to scale and reinvest in their communities.

Book: "The Color of Money, Black Banks, and the Racial Wealth Gap."
Author: Mehrsa Baradaran

Our Black Agenda

The book focuses on Black communities, has frank conversations about the levers that control power in communities, and supports a framework to create change. Lloyd C. Ford II, the author, says, “We must understand the levers that control the communities that we live in and how to make sustainable change and not fall for temporary solutions by examining actions from the past.”

This book is an eye-opener, shaking up the mix on creating sustainable change in Black communities. Mr. Ford is also the creator of Our Black Slate. A grassroots political group focused on issues in Black communities.

Book: "Our Black Agenda, A Guide to Black Power."
Author: Lloyd C. Ford II and Tamani A.M. Mwandani

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