How does Vivian’s Door Directory work?

The Vivian’s Door directory is a premier site, especially for Gulf Coast, South Alabama, and Central Alabama businesses. Add your business to the directory for free, and update your information as often as you like. The site is searchable by area (city/state/zip code or within a radius), company name category, or keyword. When you add your listing to the directory, please include as much information as possible so that community members can find and support you. For example, if you are a restaurant business and someone wants wings. They can search for “wings,” If your menu is on your listing with all the delicious wings you sell, they can locate you.

How can I create a listing that gets found?

The best way to be found in Vivian’s Door Directory is to make your listing as all-encompassing and fantastic as possible with imagery and content. Add photos, website links, and social media page links. Ensure your contact information is accurate and current. Ensure your address is listed if you have a location or do curbside pickup. Select appropriate category tags to get found easily.

What if I have a problem with my listing?

If you have a problem with your listing, contact Vivian’s Door. As experts, we know what to do and how to help you make your listing look great. Our contact link is in the footer, and it shows up on every page of the website.

If you request a password from the directory and don’t receive it, check your spam folder first.

Can I place my listing wherever I want it to be?

When a new page launches, the directory randomly shuffles business listing, so you never know your listing could come up first. A logo or photo is an immediate attention grabber. Use the Vivian’s Door directory as a way to showcase your business.

Can I advertise on the Vivian’s Door directory?

Vivian’s Door provides limited space for Premier Memberships. If you want a premier listing, click this link to email us your request. or select Premium Membership when you add your listing to the directory, and we will contact you.
Often, directories are not representative of the diversity and lived experiences of the communities they serve. We believe that there should be a place and a space for the community to see itself fairly reflected. Whey you financially support the work of Vivian’s Door, your support our grassroots work to help Black businesses grow, scale, and reinvest in their community.