Imagine if all minority businesses across America had full access to capital, resources, mentors, connections, networks, and the knowledge they need to build economic prosperity?






I am so thankful I discovered Vivian’s Door! They are an absolute jewel for the black community. They helped me get resources, access to knowledge, and information on funding. I hope to see Vivian’s Door continue its reach and spread the word about Black-owned businesses.

Mary Parker Goodwin Ladybugs Children’s Boutique, Owner

Many times, our “mom and pop” businesses do not survive because they are not aware of resources available to them. Vivian’s Door is an asset to the community because if black businesses are successful, then our entire community thrives.

Winifred Dotch-Jones Dotch’s Barber & Style Salon

I understand firsthand the impact Vivian’s Door has on the community, especially black businesses. They have helped me obtain funding, helped me with a special finance project, and they are constantly assisting and coaching me at every turn. We need Vivian’s Door to continue their work, encouraging the black business community to stay in the fight and stay afloat.

Dexter A. Sutton CEO Dexter’s Fitness Center & Hope Boxing Academy

I love everything Vivian’s Door stands for …helping minority and black-owned businesses get to the next level. They always make themselves available to help, and they never say no! It’s the motivation we need!

Roxane Arlene Pryor-Lucas CEO, Rox Your Beauty, Co-founder, Ambassadors and Teens with Wings

Because of you, amid a pandemic, a world crisis, my SMALL business will soon be a BIG deal. Thank you! I am forever grateful for your kindness and service to me and those like me.

Danielle, CEO & Founder Halo Luxury Hair Collection
Halo Lash & Beauty Bar

I’m so grateful for Vivian’s Door! They have been instrumental, from day one, in providing me with the resources and tools to become an efficient business owner. Being a new black business owner is overwhelming but working through a global pandemic is even more difficult. These resources helped me redirect my attention to areas of my business where I can generate and maintain steady revenue. I’m so appreciative and genuinely feel the love, blessings, and support!

Kim Gowdy, Owner Sweetwater Memories Mobile Paint Party Service

I am more than grateful for the knowledge and helpful resources you both have given me. I will definitely be referring business friends to you. Thank you both again, and I wish you so much success.

Karajlon Dubose CEO
K’Lonj Cosmetics & Beauty

Leading and guiding me in the right direction and obtaining a PPL Loan. Thank you, VIVIAN’S DOOR!!! YOU’RE AWESOME FOR OUR COMMUNITY!!!


THANK YOU! You connected me to much-needed resources during the pandemic. Alex was a significant help with ad suggestions, applying for grants and loans, and tips on growing my business. And he followed up for the results!

Quetta Dee CEO of Quetta’s Accessories

The MBA’s Response Team was extremely helpful with a thorough analysis of my current online and digital presence for my podcast and then proceeded to give me specific helpful tips to grow my marketing organically. This response was such a huge help for me and has given me not just a boost in consumer engagement but also confidence.

Antwan Taylor Entrepreneur/Photographer


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