Navigating Success: “A 5-Step Guide for Farmers Applying to the Inflation Reduction Act, Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP)”

Navigating Success: “A 5-Step Guide for Farmers Applying to the Inflation Reduction Act, Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP)”

by Javaughnae Malone November 30, 2023 1,992

Are you ready to level up your game and secure financial assistance through the Inflation Reduction Act, Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP)? In this guide, we’ve got your back, laying out the steps to help you confidently navigate the application process and boost your chances of success. 



Step 1: Get the Lowdown

Before you dive into the application, take a moment to understand what makes the Inflation Reduction Act DFAP tick. Scope out the eligibility criteria, nail down the required documents, and grasp the overall purpose of this game-changing opportunity. 


Step 2: Paper Trail Time 

Gather any relevant documents – think license, social security card, proof of farm ownership (this would include deeds, property tax records, producer farm reports indicating the owner, lease), records of historical discrimination (emails, letters, past loan documents, civil lawsuits, statements from non-relatives), and financial information that shout out the impact of inflation on your farming hustle. The more documents you can gather, and the more thorough they are, the better – it’s your ticket to a successful application. See this checklist for all required documents. 

Step 3: Check The Box 

Ensure you’re ticking as many boxes as possible on the eligibility checklist. Are you a farmer running the show? Can you show a pattern or history of historical discrimination? Can you show any loss through receipts, documentation, and more? If so, continue with the application, as you’re on the right track. 

Step 4: Form Frenzy 

Grab the application from here, or if you’re tech-savvy and feel confident enough, complete the application online at the program’s official site. In either case, take your sweet time filling out the application – accuracy is key. Dig deep, pouring in the details. Ensure that you’ve completed all questions on the application with relevant information to the best of your ability, dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and finally, check for readability to guarantee a smooth ride through the application review process. 

 Step 5: Attach and Attack 

Attach all those necessary supporting documents to your application. Use these USDA Supporting Documentation Templates where feasible. Whether you apply online and upload the supporting documents with your application via the online application, apply in person by taking the supporting documents to a local area support office, or send your application with all supporting documents attached via good old-fashioned snail mail, make sure your case is rock solid. Please do not email your application or supporting documents, as they will not be considered.  


Important to Note 

  1. Hit Those Deadlines

Submit your application on time – no slacking! The deadline is January 13, 2024. Mark this date on your calendar because late submissions will not make the cut. Time is money, after all. 

  1. Watch Like a Hawk

After submitting your application: 

  • Track its status. 
  • Be ready to drop some extra information if they ask. 
  • Stay in the loop with updates from the program’s bigwigs. 
  1. Help is a Call Away

Have you got questions, or have you run into obstacles? Do not be shy – attend Vivian’s Door Town Hall and Informational session shown below or contact our local program representatives at 251-610-9880 or by email at or contact the Program Call Center by email at or by phone on 800-721-0970. Getting the help, you need ensures you glide through any tricky spots. 

  1. Victory Lap

Once you get that approval, take a moment to savor the win. And why not spread the love? Share your journey and knowledge with other farmers – let us build a community that has each other’s backs. 


Applying for the Inflation Reduction Act Discrimination Financial Assistance Program is your ticket to financial support for your farm. Stick to these steps, stay informed, and you are on your way to a more resilient and prosperous future. Ready to make it happen? 

Do not miss the Vivian’s Door Farmers Informational Technical Assistance Meeting 

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Don’t miss out! Let’s get those applications rolling! 

Remember, you are not alone on this voyage. Vivian’s Door is committed to your success, offering steadfast guidance and resources to empower you.

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