Journey to the Beat: Unveiling the Musical Tale of DJ Fergg

Journey to the Beat: Unveiling the Musical Tale of DJ Fergg

by Javaughnae Malone June 28, 2023 857

Welcome to June, when we celebrate the rich tapestry of Black music that has shaped the world as we know it. From the soulful melodies of Gospel to the infectious rhythms of Hip-Hop, Black music has consistently pushed boundaries, inspired change, and united people from all walks of life.

Today, we embark on a journey guided by DJ Fergg, a talented artist and DJ who shares her insights and experiences in this fascinating conversation.

Finding the Rhythm: The Early Years

DJ Fergg recalls how she found her way into the DJ space; “In my early days, I organized a “rap cypher,” trying to find my place in the music world. It was through this exploration that I discovered my passion for DJing. Becoming a DJ allowed me to appreciate and celebrate the artistry of music.”

She then embarked on a relentless pursuit of her musical dreams. Fergg spent hours practicing her DJ skills, honing her ability to read the crowd and create an unforgettable experience. During this time, she discovered her unique style, blending different genres and creating seamless transitions that left the audience craving more.

Influences and Inspirations

DJ Fergg draws inspiration from a range of influential figures in her artistic journey, with a recent focus on Angelia Martinez, a DJ-turned-interviewer. “Angelia Martinez has significantly influenced me, especially as I recently started my own talk show. Seeing her transition from DJing to conducting major interviews has been truly inspiring.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Profound Moments

DJ Fergg has had her fair share of challenges. As a black artist in the music industry, she shares her experiences and how she overcame them. “In the industry, being black sometimes leads to being overlooked and underestimated, particularly in the South. To overcome these obstacles, I stayed true to myself and my craft, showcasing my diversity and skill set in all settings.”

Reflecting on her career, DJ Fergg recounts a significant experience that profoundly impacted her as an artist. “I found myself in an obligation for a recurring gig that seemed exciting. However, once I got there and started working with the team, I realized it wasn’t the right place for me as a black woman in music. It taught me that even ‘big’ gigs aren’t always worth compromising my values.”

Furthermore, this year she shared, “I had the opportunity to host a mixtape for SLY 90 Ent, a blank entertainment company. After the release of the project, we had a celebration party. This process of teamwork and execution was amazing. The way that we all came together to support each other felt surreal. The room rocked with love and support, no egos or expectations, just pure creativity and passion.” DJ Fergg stated passionately.

Contributions of Black Musicians and Black Music Month

For DJ Fergg, the impact of Black music is palpable. She says, “Black musicians have always influenced music with boldness, carefree creativity, and passion. They’ve encouraged people to sing louder, rock out harder, and express themselves with style and flair.”

For her, “Black Music Month” is crucial because it highlights those who broke down barriers before us, allowing us to create unapologetically. It is a time to recognize and appreciate the incredible legacy we inherit.”

DJ Fergg emphasizes their profound influence noting that; “Black musicians have set the tone for the music industry for generations. They have influenced and created various genres, and their artistry has transcended boundaries and inspired musicians worldwide.”


The Power of Music: Inspiring Others and Bringing Positive Change 

Music has long been a medium for promoting social change and advocating for racial equality. DJ Fergg notes the critical role of music in driving social transformation. “Music has brought the black community together, especially through local events and support networks. However, once people leave those gatherings, the togetherness often dissipates.

Music has the power to unite, but sustained change requires more.”

Beyond her success as a DJ, DJ Fergg also recognized the transformative power of music and how it could impact others. When asked about her most memorable experiences, she shared a story that left a profound mark on her. “I once had a fan reach out to me, expressing how my music helped them through a challenging time in their life. It was incredibly humbling to know that something I created resonated with them on such a deep level. That’s what makes music truly powerful.” She stated with emotion.

The Melody Continues

DJ Fergg’s journey as a DJ is far from over. She continues to explore new sounds, collaborate with other artists, and push the boundaries of her creativity. Fergg’s story serves as a testament to the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring people together.

As we celebrate Black Music Month, let us honor the extraordinary artists, past and present, who have given us the gift of their melodies, rhythms, and stories. Their music has transcended barriers, ignited movements, and touched our souls. So, let us embrace the power of Black music and allow it to unite, uplift, and remind us of the indomitable spirit that resonates within us.

In the words of DJ Fergg, “I see the future of black music taking over every genre in a beautiful way. Black artists are returning to where black music started, and it wasn’t just hip hop. Blacks are expanding and experimenting with different genres that we don’t realize we originated.”

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