Celebrating Vee Jackson: The Sweet Soul Behind Vee’s Vintage Sweets

Celebrating Vee Jackson: The Sweet Soul Behind Vee’s Vintage Sweets

by Javaughnae Malone February 08, 2024 737


“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.” – Oprah Winfrey.


We sat down with Vee Jackson to gain insights into her enchanting world of sugary delights and tasty treats. Vee Jackson is the mastermind and head baker at Vee’s Vintage Sweets and stands as the sweet alchemist, creating magic with every whisk and sprinkle. As the owner and head baker of Vee’s Vintage Sweets, she has carved her path into the realm of delectable delights.


Baking Dreams into Reality: A Sweet Journey


“So, what’s your profession in your industry?” we asked. Vee responds charmingly, “I am the proud owner and head baker of Vee’s Vintage Sweets.” She started this sweet journey in 2011 but officially embraced the baking profession in 2020. The inspiration? A bag of recipes from her great-grandmother, Nettie Coleman, was handed to her during a surprise pregnancy. When her great-grandmother learned about her pregnancy, she gave Vee a bag of old-school recipes. “It’s not about you anymore,” Nettie wisely said. And from that Delchamps bag came the first-ever pineapple upside-down cake that sparked Vee’s baking journey, and that’s where the magic began. With a chuckle, she recalls, “I was given a Delchamps bag, aging myself, I know, filled with my great-grandmother’s recipes. It was her way of saying, ‘It’s not about you anymore; you need to learn how to cook,” and thus began the journey of turning surprise into sweetness.


From Surprise to Selling Sweets: A Flavorful Transformation


Vee found solace in baking, a therapeutic process that transformed her stressful days into something beautiful. Her son, a catalyst for her business venture, encouraged her to share her creations. “He told me, ‘You should start selling this.’ And on June 11th, 2011, I officially started the Vee’s Vintage Sweets Facebook page and began accepting orders.” Her cakes, ranging from vanilla to cheesecake to chocolate chip, quickly became a hit, and the rest is sweet history.


Baking with Purpose: A Philanthropic Twist


Vee’s journey takes a meaningful turn as she dives into the reasons behind supporting Vivian’s Door. “I kept seeing Vivian’s Door on social media, and I honestly thought it was a clothing store at first,” she laughs. But clicking the link revealed a more profound purpose aligning with her values. “It took me a while to reach out, but once I did, attending their “Community Conversations” at Helena’s left me in awe. The dedication to philanthropy, education, and community resonated with me. As a small business owner, conveying your vision is hard, but Vivian’s Door made it clear. The goal is not just about making money; it’s about giving back, offering internships, scholarships, and contributing to the community.”


Fearless Baking and Community Support: Vee’s Advice to Aspiring Bakers


Vee has some wisdom to drop for all aspiring bakers out there. “Don’t be afraid because fear delays so many dreams.” Living authentically and embracing challenges is the key to unlocking those sweet dreams. And hey, her cakes are proof that taking that leap pays off. And speaking of cakes, Vee’s cakes are like magic disappearing acts at Vivian’s Door’s annual Soulful Sounds of the Season Christmas event. “Your cakes never last at the Vivian’s Door Christmas event. As soon as we them out, they’re gone in 10 minutes or less.” Now, that’s what we call a holiday treat sensation!


Vivian’s Door: Open Hearts, Open Books, Open Community


As we wrap up this sweet journey with Vee Jackson, she leaves us with a message for potential Vivian’s Door supporters. “Get involved, period. Go in, what do they say? Jump in with two feet in, hands up in the air because Vivian’s Door is an amazing organization.” “It won’t hide information from you; it’s literally an open-book organization. Our community needs support, and we need Vivian’s Door to continue its incredible work.”


In celebrating Vee Jackson, we savor her delicious treats and honor her sweet soul; daily she dedicates herself to making a difference, one cake at a time. So, let’s join hands, hearts, and appetites in supporting Vee’s Vintage Sweets and the inspiring work of Vivian’s Door. After all, in Vee’s world, there’s always room for one more supporter, one more slice of joy.


Stay sweet, stay faithful, and keep baking those memorable dreams!

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