Celebrating Jarvis Moore: A Dedicated Community Champion With a Heart of Gold

Celebrating Jarvis Moore: A Dedicated Community Champion With a Heart of Gold

by Javaughnae Malone January 11, 2024 807

Today, we celebrate – Jarvis Moore, the charismatic CEO and founder of TeamVictory12. Rooted in his personal experience of living with a disability, Jarvis embarked on a mission to educate and support those navigating similar challenges. As the driving force behind his organization, TeamVictory12, which stands for “Together Everyone Achieve More Victory.” Jarvis reflects on the transformative impact of his partnership with Vivian’s Door as we mark the 4th Annual Vivian’s Door Heros of Gratitude Challenge.


Why did you start Teamvictory12, and what has motivated you throughout this journey? 

 Jarvis Moore, with a passion that radiates through every word, shares, “I started TeamVictory12 in 2012 to educate people on the lives of those with disabilities. My mentors, Kimberly Woodruff and the Snell brothers guided me through life lessons and personal growth. Their mentorship became the foundation of my advocacy.”

Reflecting on a Decade

 How has your organization evolved, and what inspired the collaboration with Vivian’s Door? 

“I sought new horizons after reaching a significant 10-year milestone with TeamVictory12. Attending Vivian’s Door’s Business Plan class in 2022 was a game-changer. Being the first person with a disability to present a business plan to them, I felt a profound sense of accomplishment. This collaboration brought skills and a community that supports people with disabilities.”

Tell us about your 2023 experience with Vivian’s Door, exploring Black Farmers and Community Conversations Initiatives. 

Jarvis enthuses, “Vivian’s Door has been pivotal in my 2023 journey. From attending open houses to delving into the history of Black Farmers, every experience taught me valuable lessons. I discovered the rich history behind AARP programs and support and Black-owned farms. The ‘Open House’ was beautiful, and today’s exploration was deeper than I imagined. Thanks to Vivian’s Door for this enlightening journey!”

How has Vivian’s Door impacted your personal and business development? 

“Vivian’s Door has become a guiding force in my life. They taught me the intricacies of business setup, protocol, and etiquette. Their unwavering support has been a beacon of hope from the Business Plan class to personal life challenges. Reflecting on this journey, I’d encourage anyone to get involved with Vivian’s Door – it’s not about where you are; it’s the uplifting people around you. Success is about the dedication unknown individuals invest in your journey.”

In celebrating Jarvis Moore’s remarkable journey, we witness the synergy between passion-driven advocacy and the transformative support offered by Vivian’s Door. This collaboration exemplifies a nonprofit organization’s profound impact on individuals striving for success, underscoring the importance of community, mentorship, and gratitude.

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