Celebrating Beverly M. Cooper’s Impact: A Stand-Up Approach to Creating Change 

Celebrating Beverly M. Cooper’s Impact: A Stand-Up Approach to Creating Change 

by Javaughnae Malone January 03, 2024 527

Beverly M. Cooper is a beacon of change in Mobile, Alabama’s historic, vibrant seaport city. As the Co-Founder of Stand-Up Mobile and a dedicated advocate for the Black community, Mrs. Cooper has found a kindred spirit in Vivian’s Door. Let’s dive into her journey, experiences, and impactful collaboration to mark the 4th Annual Vivian’s Door Gratitude Challenge.

The Stand-Up Advocate: Promoting Positive Change

As someone who has worn many hats throughout her long and storied career, Mrs. Cooper’s mission is now crystal clear – to promote civic rights and equality in Mobile, AL. As the Co-Founder of Stand-Up Mobile, her nonprofit, she’s not just in the business; she’s in the business of making a difference in the community through Stand-Up Mobile.

She recalls the impact of mentors in her life – “My mother Dorothy Martin is my life mentor; words of wisdom from my mom have seen me through many rough times. Secondly, James McTighe, owner of Life Magazine Inc. and my first boss, is my business mentor.” Both have had the most impact on her life, says Beverly, emphasizing the strong guidance that has shaped her journey.



Standing Up for Equality

In her career, she has witnessed societal disparities, which motivated her to act when the opportunity knocked. She says, “I entered this profession to promote civic rights and equality in the Black community in Mobile, AL,” Beverly shares. Her commitment to Stand-Up Mobile aligns seamlessly with her desire to create positive change in the community.

Partnering for Equality

“Vivian’s Door seeks to equalize the playing field for BIPOC businesses, just as Stand-Up Mobile seeks to do the same for the community,” Beverly explains, highlighting the shared vision that brought her to support Vivian’s Door Nonprofit. “Partnerships and collaborations are key to success, and the same exists between Vivian’s Door and Stand-Up Mobile,” Beverly acknowledges – she notes that supporting Vivian’s Door has enriched her personal and professional life.

Reinforced Commitment

Beverly is excited about the work Vivian’s Door is doing in the community – when Vivian’s Door asked her to serve as a judge evaluating minority small business owners’ growth plans; she recalls noting – “Serving as an evaluator for the program reinforced my interest and support for Vivian’s Door,” Beverly reflects on a pivotal moment that deepened her commitment.

The Impactful Initiative

“Vivian’s Door work with black farmers is especially meaningful,” Beverly highlights, shedding light on a specific project that has captured her heart. Seeing the positive impact on black farmers is incredible – it makes her heart glad.

Building Trust for Change
“What roles do nonprofits like Vivian’s Door play in fostering positive change?” Beverly answers, “Building trust in communities and with stakeholders.”

A Gratitude Challenge Message

As we mark the 4th Annual Vivian’s Door Gratitude Challenge, this advocate for civic change wants everyone to; “always let the life you live reinforce the words you speak,” Mrs. Cooper encourages other potential supporters and donors to join it and contribute.

In the lively world of advocacy and community support, Beverly M. Cooper shines as a testament to the power of collaboration, commitment, and the belief that change begins with each of us – Stand up, Mobile, because together, we can make a difference.

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