Our Mission

The Vivian's Door Initiative, inspired by the courage and legacy of the late Mrs. Vivian Malone Jones, will serve as the brand for a new minority business ecosystem in Mobile, AL.

The Vivian’s Door app will serve as the gateway for minority business owners to cultivate relationships with their local community, government, and diversity officials, source mentors, and investors, to achieve greater levels of success.

The Vivian's Door Initiative, through partners, will connect minority business owners with every resource available to them within the community and at the government level, and provide scholarships for minority business owners to attend training programs to get them contract ready.

Many business professionals in our community are using the prototype app or are just beginning to learn about the app, and they have great expectations for the catalyst and connector it will become for minority businesses. Vivian's Door will play a dominant role in advancing the region's economy by creating an environment that fosters diversity and economic growth.

African Americans have a long and tiring history of adversity, but also of triumph in the face of it. When Vivian attended her first day of class, she was not alone - she had an entire community of family, friends, and supporters, who saw the importance of her actions, and knew that she was paving the way to something great for future generations.

Our power is in standing behind each other, and this is the guiding principle behind Vivian's Door.